4 Hottest Fall Fashion Trends For 2021

4 Hottest Fall Fashion Trends For 2021


Fall has got to be the best season for fashion, right? There’s no better feeling than putting your summer styles into storage and pulling out every cozy sweater you own! 


Today we’re stopping by to share some of 2021’s hottest fall fashion trends, perfect for pumpkin-picking, cocoa-sipping and all the fun in-between. 


Get your notebooks at the ready and keep reading to find out more!

4 Must-Have Fall Fashion Trends For 2021

  1. Graphic T-Shirts for a Timeless Look


Perfect for every season, the graphic t-shirt is a classic staple that comes in especially handy in the fall. While the weather gets crisp and leafy walks become a must, the fall months can be surprisingly sunny.


Graphic t-shirts are an ideal way to make your outfit super interesting, all while staying as comfortable as possible.


  • Pair with denim for an ultra-cool vibe 
  • Tuck into a skirt for a feminine-meets-rocker twist
  • Wear oversized with cycling shorts for ultimate 90s energy
  1. Oversized Shackets for Casual Cool


If you don’t have a shacket in your closet yet, where have you been hiding? While this trend grew in popularity throughout 2020, its reign will continue as a key fall trend for 2021. 


Blending the oversized shirt look with the warmth of a jacket, the shacket is ideal for layering up as the weather gets a little cooler. 


  • Wear over a graphic t-shirt for a casual, cozy look
  • Go smart casual and pair with your favorite formal wear
  • Throw over the shoulder for magazine-worthy coolness


  1. Plaid Shirts Around the Waist 


Ready for one of the hottest fall trends of 2021? Returning straight from the nineties, plaid shirts tied around the waist are making their comeback. Whether you opt for a fall color scheme of reds and greens or something a little more neutral, the plaid shirt is here to stay this season. 


  • Put on your favorite graphic t-shirt and coordinate your plaid to match
  • Tie over a skater dress for the ultimate boyfriend look
  • Wear open over a fall-inspired graphic t-shirt for seasonal style


  1. Loose Fitting Denim for Vintage Vibes


The fall trends for 2021 seem to have one thing in common: vintage is the vibe this season. If you’re looking for a timeless piece to add to your closet, it’s time to invest in some loose-fitting denim. Dad jeans are super popular at the moment and mom jeans continue to top the charts when it comes to high-street sales. 


  • Style mom jeans with an oversized graphic t-shirt, half-tucked for cool vibes
  • Pair baggy dad jeans with a tighter fitting tee for a bolder contrast 
  • Don’t forget to add a chunky belt for an authentic vintage finish



So, that’s the end of our blog on the hottest trends of fall 2021. If you’re looking for bold, chic and high-quality graphic t-shirts, why not shop Envy Stylz Boutique? With hundreds of styles to choose from, you can look and feel your best this fall. Visit our website today!

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