7 Awesome Ways to Style Your Favorite Graphic Tee

7 Awesome Ways to Style Your Favorite Graphic Tee

Graphic tees are an absolute closet staple, right? There’s nothing better to have in your go-to pieces than a slogan tee for ultra cool and casual vibes. The style possibilities really are endless, so much so that choosing your perfect look can be difficult.


Whether you’re into 80s style outfits, 70s chic, or you’re just after some fresh inspiration, we’ve listed 7 of the best ways to style your favorite graphic tees.


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Here are 7 of the Best Ways to Style Your Graphic Tee

  • Oversized for 90s Vibes


One of the most classic ways to style your graphic tee is by going all-in on the oversized look. Inspired by the 90s trend of cycling shorts and a tee that looks like it could have been stolen from your old dad’s wardrobe, this look is super comfortable and ultra-cute.


With the 90s style box ticked off just by owning a graphic t-shirt, you can get creative with your pairings to complete the look. Try styling an oversized tee with a pair of loose mom jeans, or some booty shorts for grunge-inspired fashion.

  • Cool But Chic With a Blazer


For a completely different look, why not try pairing a slim-fitting graphic tee with your favorite oversized blazer? By combining the corporate energy of a formal jacket with the cool casual and nature of a slogan t-shirt, you’re guaranteed to create an outfit that makes an impact.


Dressing smart doesn’t necessarily mean boring. For an office look that’s refreshing and fun, a graphic tee and a chic blazer makes for a truly iconic duo.


  • Tucked In For Added Shape


70s style clothing is all about the tuck, and graphic tees are the perfect closet staple for crafting this look. During the groovy years, Americans were obsessed with slipping on a cool t-shirt and tucking it into a sleek pair of flared trousers for all-round hippy style.


And if flares really aren’t your bag, why not try pairing your graphic tee with some wide-leg jeans instead? They’re super in this season and replicate the 70s style outfit perfectly, all while serving up a modern refresh and a cinched waist!


Don’t forget your 70s glasses – gotta complete that retro vibe!


  • Classic Denim Jacket Duo


Possibly the most timeless look of them all, you really can’t go wrong with an iconic graphic tee and an oversized denim jacket. Thanks to the varying shades of denim available in shops or vintage markets, this outfit is an easy one to make your own.


Choose darker wash denim and combine with a light colored tee, or go full-blown monochrome with an all-black look. Layering adds depth and texture to your outfit, delivering effortless, casual and super cool style for everyday wear.


  • The Tied Up Cropped Look


If you grew up in the nineties, you’ll be familiar with the age-old method of tying up your tee for a cool and feminine outfit upgrade. Think Britney Spears meets Miley Cyrus – if that’s a look you can get on board with, here’s how to make it happen:


  • Put on your favorite graphic tee and stand in front of a mirror.
  • Taking the edge of the tee, tuck it up into a bra or crop top underneath.
  • Even it out and loosen things up for a casual, baggy appearance.
  • Alternatively, roll the tee and tie into a knot for an extra cropped look.


It may not be the nineties anymore, but that iconic y2k style is still going strong thanks to the endless possibilities of the classic graphic tee.

  • Paired With a Feminine Skirt


Graphic tees are super comfortable, but that doesn’t mean they have to hide your figure! In fact, one of the most adorable ways to take your graphic tee up a notch is by pairing it with your favorite floaty skirt.


Maxi or midi skirts work best for this look, but a cute little mini skirt will also do the trick. Either style cropped like the last tip or tuck in for casual elegance. Once you’re all dressed and looking adorable, why not throw on a pair of crisp white sneakers in true 80s style?


Graphic tee. Check. Floaty skirt. Check. Sneakers. Check.


Girl, you’re all good to go!


  • 80s Style Leathers for a Rock Chick Look


Sometimes it’s best to wear things how they were designed to be. Graphic tees these days can have all sorts of fun, flirty, or meaningful designs printed onto them, but in the good old days it was all about music. 80s style outfits were pretty much dominated by a tee inspired by your favorite rock band, be it Guns and Roses, Bon Jovi or AC/DC.


One of the best ways to honor this original trend is by pairing your graphic tee with some slick leather. Whether it's your go-to biker jacket or your must-have leather mini skirt, give a subtle nod to 80s style with your favorite graphic tee in tow.



Thanks for reading our 7 best ways to style your favorite graphic tee. We hope we’ve inspired you to switch up your wardrobe and try some brand new styles, all inspired by a classic closet staple we could never get tired of.

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