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Express your style with our cute and trendy Southern chic accessories. Shop necklaces, earrings, bracelets, can coolers and more with plenty of personality.


The average fashion guide will tell you accessories shouldn’t overwhelm — they should be low key and a complement to whatever top or dress you’re sporting. At Envy Stylz Boutique, we disagree to a point. Accessories are like the state of Texas: the bigger and bolder they are, the better.

We curate our selection of women’s accessories to match your personality and level of enjoyment. That could be expressing yourself as a born-and-bred Southerner on a daily basis, or making a splash at the next barbecue you attend. We’ve chosen these accessories to match and highlight our T-shirts — giving you an outfit that’s good to go with the right jeans, denim skirt or cutoffs and your choice of footwear.

Statement-Making Jewelry

Even our studs make a statement. We know you prefer something that dangles, swinging with your hair in the breeze and filling up the space between your earlobes and shoulders with style. Whether you’re going out dancing or wanting to look good the moment you wake up, our earrings, necklaces and bracelets all make a strong, upfront impression.

We take inspiration from our roots, too, as a Texas-based and family-owned company. Shop many Texas- and Southern-themed designs, from cute cow prints to stately cactus silhouettes to sunflowers. Find Texas earrings in several styles and even get a necklace to match, or pick out Southwestern blanket-style prints that remind you of a beautiful sunset out in the country. 

Whatever you select, we finish many with glitter or rhinestones for a swoon-worthy dose of pop and personality that’s never content to stay in the background, and keep things lightweight, so they won’t weigh you down. Whether around your neck, jingling around your wrist or dangling from your ears, our Southern chic jewelry will surely be noticed.

Other Accessories

You’re the type who prefers a cold beer to a fancy cocktail, and you’ll be at a tailgating party, rodeo or hoe-down in a heartbeat, ready to enjoy yourself. For these moments, our selection of accessories has you covered with can coolers that keep your drink at the desired temperature and graphics and sayings that resonate with you and everyone in attendance. Browse these essentials and more.

For more Envy Stylz, get regular updates for new offerings with our app, or sign up for our Styled-x-Envy box for curated monthly selections that pair our comfy, cute and trendy T-shirts with our fun, full-of-personality accessories. Whatever you select, we ship everything fast and free from our East Texas location.