Sunshine & Whiskey Graphic Tee

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There is something so endearing about this modern unisex fit graphic tee, even at first glance.  Since it’s a colorful t shirt for women, it could just be the overall color combination.  Or, it’s the fun and casual message on it.  Or a combination of those things. Regardless, it’s a great graphic t-shirt for a vacation that is going to be a wonderful choice when you need to wear something that is on theme with your holiday plans and still fun enough to wear other times as well.

While this is a great colorful t-shirt for women to wear when enjoying a much-needed break from all responsibilities, it’s also a wonderful choice on the weekends or after work or any time else where you need a just-right modern unisex fit graphic tee.

Saying it like it is and getting your priorities firmly in line, this wonderful and cheerful graphic t-shirt for vacation is a must-have for all those that could use a little reprieve from daily fashion and its drab colors.  This is all about personality and character!

Item Details:

  • This is a perfectly themed graphic t-shirt for vacation
  • Relaxed and modern unisex fit graphic tee for a touch of modern style
  • Cheerful and colorful t-shirt for women to wear whenever they need a boost
  • Material: 99% cotton, 1% polyester
  • Crewneck
  • Size: Small-2XL
  • Screen-printed graphic
  • Unisex fit
  • Machine friendly/Hang to dry
  • Brand: Delta