Love Like Jesus Leopard Graphic Tee

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Sometimes, the right leopard print graphic tee can be hard to find.  You need something that is going to be simple but still a unique graphic t-shirt for teens and ladies to enjoy fully.  This one is going to manage to fit all of your needs perfectly, and it’s going to be as fun as you want it to be, too.

This starts out as an unassuming unisex fit fashionable t-shirt.  With a distinctive border and easy-read line of text, it’s got a great footprint.  Designed as a leopard print graphic tee, this blends that distinctive animal print with a wholesome message.

Whether you choose to take the message in its wholesome way or more in a modern way for some sass, it’ll be the perfect unique graphic tee shirt for teens who want to blend it all together in one simple, unassuming leopard print graphic tee that will pair with everything in the closet.  This unisex fit fashionable t-shirt is ready to be your new favorite for all of the right reasons.

Item Details:

  • Unique graphic t-shirt for teens that blends wholesome value with simple and timeless fashion
  • Beautiful leopard print graphic tee keeps it simple, timeless, and classic for all of the best traits
  • Unisex fit fashionable t-shirt for easy and memorable fashion use
  • Screen printed
  • 99% cotton 1% polyester
  • Delta  Pro Tee
  • Unisex Fit