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Grill Your Ass Off Seasoning

Grill Your Ass Off Seasoning

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Infidel Pork Rub- Infidel;  A term meaning American Greatness. With a name like this you know you're getting one hell of a seasoning. Infidel Pork Rub has been formulated with just the right amount of heat and sweet.  Again this is one of those seasonings that can add a little sweet and little heat to any dish in your cookbook. This product will clump due to the brown sugar. We do not add any anti-caking agents to keep ingredients 100% natural. We like to call them Freedom Clumps.

Pop Smoke Taco & Fajita- The most requested seasoning is here! Pop Smoke puts expertamente (expertly for you yankees) blended spices right at your fingertips to give you the complete Tex-Mex flavor. With key ingredients, such as citric acid, you will not only get an amazing flavor but it will also help soften muscle fibers for a more tender cut of meat! Enhance your party nachos, fajitas, tater tots or any dish you want to turn into a fiesta. 

Cannibal All Purpose- No-body wants meat without seasoning. Our Cannibal Spice is hand crafted with a rich blend of flavors, we put our mind, body and soul into each bottle. Once you taste the smooth yet bold flavor, you'll be pleased knowing you're helping family and friends in such a succulent way. This is an all purpose seasoning so put it on anything and everything, except loved ones. Let the bodies hit the grill!

Crispy's Mango HabaneroReady for the next step in spice? Crispy's Mango Habanero will entice you with tropical sweetness, then explode with habanero heat. Guaranteed to provide you with the only kind of burn you desire.... unlike that one time where you had to go to the doctor for it. This seasoning will quickly become a household favorite. If you have a burning desire to make you meal hotter, this is the spice you need.

Claymore Cajun- Looking for that distinct spicy New Orleans flavor? Claymore Cajun Seasoning distributes the optimum amount of spices and flavor to satisfy your creole desire. Great for fish, shrimp, crabs, crawfish, eggs, and anything else! Take the other crappy creole seasonings and throw them in the swamp! This is the perfect replacement. Claymore will spice up any dish that you want to add Cajun flavor to.

Gunpowder Brisket & Steak- Sure, our Gunpowder Steak & Brisket Seasoning is amazing on beef, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use it on other meats (and even some veggies) too. Sprinkle a bit on your mashed potatoes and burgers to give them some extra oomph or rub this seasoning into a bunch of chicken wings and pork chops for a damn good lunch. Whatever you choose to do, the results will blow you away.

Willie Pete's Chicken- For the original white meat, we could look no further than the M34 White Phosphorus Grenade. This seasoning adds an explosive southern garlic and pepper flavor to chicken. Willie Pete is phenomenal on anything it comes in contact with. So light 'em up and watch 'em burn! There is no wrong way to use our products.

The Sampler- Grill Your Ass Off "The Sampler" Includes a sample of our seasonings packed in an MRE themed box! Seasonings included - Pop Smoke Taco & Fajita, Infidel Pork Rub, Ma Deuce Steak, Willie Pete Chicken, Claymore Cajun, Gunpowder Steak & Brisket, Crispy’s Mango Habanero NO MSG - NO GLUTEN. (Ma Deuce contains gluten)

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