Good Moms Say Bad Words Graphic Tee

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Looking for a gift for new moms in your life?  If so, this one-of-a-kind relatable t-shirt for moms will be simple, fun, fashionable, and very relevant in the years to come!  The thing with this casual unisex fit graphic tee is that it’s one of those options that simply tells the truth like it is and doesn’t apologize for it-- and so should this new mom!

In bright pink with bold white words, there is no mistaking the message in this relatable tee shirt for moms.  It helps each mom see her value and understand just what she has to do to get things done.  This casual unisex fit graphic tee is going to be simple to pull on after a long night, and it’s going to be a wonderful gift for new moms in this one fact alone. However, part of its excellent value is in the idea that it’s going to be an infusion of personality and humor that it manages, all in the form of a humble t-shirt that fits just right.

  • Special gift for new moms that need reassurance that they are doing the best they can
  • Relatable t-shirt for moms to enjoy and make the smile every time they see it
  • Easy-wear casual unisex fit graphic tee will go with everything in the closet
  • Screen printed
  • 100% Cotton
  • Delta  Pro Tee
  • Unisex Fit