Fur Mama Graphic Tee

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If there’s an important furbaby in your life and you want to show them off, this fantastic heartfelt graphic tee is the way to do that!  Literally designed as a graphic tee for a pet mom, this is going to be great for a dog, cat, hamster, or any other furry pet that you are proud of.  This unisex graphic tee is perfectly designed for everyday wear, too, which is so much the better.

The right staples in your wardrobe are going to be durable, modern, comfortable, and sized just right.  Without even thinking about it, this unisex graphic tee is going to meet all of those expectations easily.  With a focus on its script and a cute little heart made out of negative space in the paw print, this is a true heartfelt graphic tee that is going to be a special gift for the fur mama in your life.  This is also a great splurge if you are looking for a graphic tee for pet moms that is versatile style-wise!

  • Great gift of a graphic tee for a pet mom from the dog or cat
  • Versatile and easy to read unisex graphic tee for simple wear
  • A great special gift in the form of a heartfelt graphic tee that really puts this special bond into the spotlight!
  • Crew
  • Screenprinted
  • Unisex Fit
  • Super Soft Tee
  • 50% polyester / 50% cotton
  • Tultex Soft Tee