It’s Fine, I’m Fine, Everything Is Fine Soft Graphic Tee

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One glance at this everything’s fine tee and you’re laughing a bit, right?  Exactly.  Whether you’re coming at this from the point of view of a parent or a busy professional (or anything in between), this v neck unisex graphic tee is going to serve its dual purpose as a funny anxiety tee and a comfortable fashion staple.

From one detail to the next, this relatable everything’s fine tee is going to prove its worth to you.  Firstly, the profile of this v neck unisex graphic tee is all about making it work for you.  With versatile scripts and a relaxed fit all around, you can pair it with anything in your wardrobe and it’s going to work effortlessly.  The v neck dresses it up a bit and the relaxed silhouette is great for towing, wearing as in, or tucking in.  The options are endless!

Then, there's the actual statement of it.  This is a funny anxiety tee that both makes it relatable to anyone who reads it, and the person who wears it.  Lightly calling attention to its meme origin, it’s one of those prints that just demands attention.

  • Easy-read everything’s fine tee for that person who says this all the time
  • Relatable but funny anxiety tee for easy everyday wear
  • Soft and comfortable v neck unisex graphic tee
  • Tultex Soft Tee
  • Charcoal V-Neck
  • Unisex Fit
  • 65% polyester/35% ring-spun USA cotton
  • Screen printed