Prone To Wander Graphic Tee

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Traveling is a popular pastime, and it offers education, experience, and wanderlust.  To that person who never seems to settle -- in a good way -- this special unisex fit t-shirt for travelers is going to encourage that wandering spirit and help them look their best in a comfortable and soft fashionable tee.

This country life graphic tee shirt brings together subtly distressed color with country and modern text blended together in an endearing script that is entirely unique.  From airport lounges to bus terminals this comfortable and soft fashionable tee will be a must-have when traveling, and it’s going to be a nice gift when you want to get your travelers something they love.

Understated and neutral, this special unisex fit top for travelers will be treasured and worn in many states and countries, bringing with it the country life graphic t-shirt vibe in all of the best ways.  The buffalo is an unexpected and well-loved finishing touch.

  • This is a special unisex fit t-shirt for travelers to wear with pride
  • Lightweight comfortable and soft fashionable tee for easy wear with all of your favorite wardrobe pieces
  • Relatable and special country life graphic t-shirt for the country girl in your life
  • Screen printed
  • Unisex fit 
  • 90% Cotton 10% Polyester