Loca Chica Slim Can Cooler

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When you are looking for a can holder sleeve that is going to meet your needs for fashion as well as classic practicality, this one-of-a-kind fashionable can cooler is going to be exactly the target for you.  With just the right design and profile to be your go-to slim can cooler sleeve, this takes care of details you didn’t even know you needed!

First, practicality.  With its inner lining of neoprene, this can holder sleeve will hug tight to your can to help keep your drink cool for hours.  With its material, though, there will be no condensation or leakage to worry about on the outside material.

Secondly, its proportions.  Designed for modern drinkers, this slim can cooler sleeve is tall and narrow for those matching cans to make sure that you don’t need to settle for anything that just doesn’t keep your entire can cool.

Lastly, the bling element.  This is a fashionable can cooler from its sequin coated base to the “Loca Chica” script on the top patch so that you can impress from all angles at your next pool party.

  • Sparkling and unique can holder sleeve won’t leak condensation through
  • Fashionable can cooler for the fashionista looking for the right accessories!
  • Slim can cooler sleeve designed for those narrow and tall cans