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Bridgewater Wax Melts

Bridgewater Wax Melts



These fragrant 2.6 oz wax melts come in a variety of delicious scents and are made in the USA with an all natural soy wax blend. Simply break apart and melt in your favorite burner!
Frangrance Choices:

AFTERNOON RETREAT- Opening notes of mandarin, bergamot and lime with moss, anise and geranium.

ALOHA SUMMER- Pineapple and black currant mesh with jasmine and coconut shavings to make an impression.

SWEET GRACE- Illuminate the effortless beauty of passionate fruits radiated with sparkling tea and patchouli.

COZY MOMENTS-Melt into soft surroundings of pure bliss as calming gingergrass and spicy nutmeg settle into a cradle of cinnamon leaf and clove. Creamy layers of honeyed caramel and maple sweetly bind the fragrance in snuggly warmth.

LET'S CELEBRATE- Strawberry and mandarin fizz pair with floral notes and finish with vanilla rum and sandalwood.

TICKLED PINK- Tickled Pink combines the sweetness of linden blossoms with a splash of berries.

FRESH APPLE- Sweet fruits open with bouquets of muguet and leafy greens, while cinnamon shavings and vanilla deliver up a slice of lingering warmth.

HAYRIDE- Hayride bundles notes of crisp apple and pumpkin with spicy cinnamon, clove and creamy vanilla.

SOAR-Sparkling grapefruit, sugared orange, sweetened lemon, and tangy lime satitate the air and awaken the sensorial experience. Refreshing and gratifying at its core, Soar's sweet raspberry and tropical hibiscus scents permeate throughout. Pure, natural amber and heady musk culminate the olfactory odysse encouraging reminiscences and a keeness and aspiration of next endeavor.

SWEET SUMMER TEA- Chilled tea mingled with strawberries, lemons, and a kiss of lily blossoms.

TEA PARTY- Mandarin, peach, and apricot sift through dreamy puffs of peony and red berry to fill the sensory cup.

WANDERLUST- Windblown marigold and apricot dance over orange flower, followed by a trail of buttery caramel, smooth vanilla, and earthy sandalwood.

OPEN ROAD- Floral bouquet wrapped with fresh cucumber and softened with sandalwood

WHITE COTTON- Dance through the sunshine filled crisp linen sheets.

WEEKEND GETAWAY-Adventure calls and the great outdoors await to lure the senses on an open air escape. Herbal bay leaf and freshly-harvested pine deliver an uplifting opener of earthy splendor, while intriguing trails of spicy clove bud and Siberian Fir root the fragrance in woodsy wonder.

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